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Wollongong Harbour defences


Completed in 1893 to defend the approaches to against possible Russian attack the fortifications between North Wollongong and City Beaches remain as one of the few Colonial Era defence works still in existence.



Housed within the fort's sixty four meter long wall are three gun emplacements and several underground ammunition rooms.  Of the three original guns two are still in place.  The guns are eighty pound muzzle-loaders built in England's Royal Gun Factory in 1872. Each gun is capable of firing a shell weighing 36ks (80 pounds) over a distance of 2,000 metres. 


The third gun, removed in the early 1900's was a 1 inch calibre quick firing gun.  The guns were never fired in anger.


At one stage the fort was manned by the Wollongong Bulli Volunteer Half Company. Improvements in naval gunnery and technology made the fort obsolete in 1907.